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RFQ #2019-22 Civil Engineering Equipment

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The purpose of this RFQ is to procure new equipment for the Civil Engineering Program at the Klamath Falls, OR Campus. The new equipment will help develop the capacity of the Civil Engineering Hydraulics Laboratory to accommodate and attract more students and research projects.

The specific objective of this RFQ is to purchase one (1) hydraulic flume. Oregon Tech is seeking a Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume is designed to demonstrate the principles of fluid mechanics when applied to engineering structures in open channel flow. The Hydraulics Lab currently has one older 5.0-meter flume, and Oregon Tech would like to replicate this equipment. All of the lab exercises and instructions are written specifically for the Armfield 5.0-meter flume. It is equipped with clear acrylic sides to give visibility of the working system and a jacking system to adjust the slope of the channel bed between 1 and 3%. This bench includes a Venturi, sharp and broad-crested weirs, two Vernier level gauges, and adjustable undershot weir, and a crump weir.


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RFQ #2019-22
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